Samsara (U)

Thursday 14 Mar 20247:45pm Book Now

Berlin Film Festival award winner Lois Patiño’s assured third feature transports us to magical places in Laos and Zanzibar, where the visible and the invisible merge.

Patiño’s film envelops us in a work of collective meditation and cinematic reincarnation. We observe the daily rituals of a Buddhist temple in Laos and a seaweed farm in Zanzibar, captured on 16mm with an ethnographic eye (and ear) for detail. Infused with sonic wonders, the spiritual becomes profoundly sensorial; at one point we’re even invited to enjoy Samsara’s uniquely transformative spaces with our eyes closed. Transcendental.

Please note this film contains flickering or flashing lights that may affect those with photosensitive epilepsy

Please also be aware that although this is a "Maverick Monday" film, we are screening it on a Thursday as unfortunately we had limited options available to us!