The Movie Man

The Movie Man (12A)

Sunday 29 Sep 20246:00pm Book Now

THE MOVIE MAN  introduces us to colorful entrepreneur Keith Stata and his bizarre multiplex set deep in the forest of small-town Ontario, Canada. After 40 years in business, Keith is forced to confront his current limitations, dwindling health, and a global pandemic. The future of his quixotic cinema becomes more and more uncertain as the film unfolds.

Has the pandemic ended movies as we knew them? Is the collective experience of sitting in the cinema quickly fading away?

The film explores Highlands Cinemas and it’s importance to the town of Kinmount as a microcosm of the world facing COVID-19. What happens to a small town when it’s only allure is forced to close? Will 2022 be the last season at Highlands Cinemas?

Keith Stata opened Highlands Cinemas during the summer of 1979. What began as a single screen, transformed into a 5-screen multiplex showing first-run films over the course of it’s 40-year history. Changes in technology, dwindling ticket sales, a popcorn-eating bear, and his 50 cats all contribute to the chaos.

Despite his steadfast passion, we follow Keith as he is beaten down with issues and complications due to COVID-19. With no family and few friends to help, Keith is confronted with insurmountable challenges of keeping his unlikely cinema open for another season.

Screening as part of our year-long season - CINEMA ON SCREEN