Drowning In Plastic

Drowning In Plastic (U)

Saturday 5 Oct 20192:00pm

Our blue planet is facing one of its biggest threats in human history. Trillions of pieces of plastic are choking the very lifeblood of our earth, and every marine animal, from smallest plankton to the largest mammals, is being affected. But can we turn back this growing plastic tide before it is too late? In this 90-minute special, wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin visits scientists working at the cutting edge of plastic research. She works with some of the world's leading marine biologists and campaigners to discover the true dangers of plastic in our oceans and what it means for the future of all life on our planet, including us.

Tickets are free for this screening but you will still need to obtain a ticket from the box office or online.

The screening will be followed by a Food-for-Thought panel discussion on the subject of plastic pollution and single-use plastics with representatives from our region who are involved with tackling this important issue.

Screening kindly sponsored by Screen Suffolk