Cook, Thief, Wife & Her Lover

Cook, Thief, Wife & Her Lover (18)

Saturday 5 Oct 20195:00pm

Introduced by The League of Gentlemen/Sherlock actor/writer, Mark Gatiss (Schedule Permitting)

Sadistic gangster Albert Spica (Michael Gambon), having recently acquired an upmarket French restaurant; proceeds to use it as his personal fiefdom in order to entertain thuggish cohorts and abuse patrons and staff alike seemingly oblivious to the effects his behaviour has on its reputation. The ensuiing carnage is served up in director Peter Greenaway's customary bold rich painterly style much like the haute cuisine being served. With costumes by Jean-Paul Gaultier, the film is lavishly gastronomic and a timely reminder of a truly unique filmmaker at the very peak of his powers.

Guest Chef Lindsay Wright (Darsham Nursery Cafe) and David Wright (The Cake Shop) will be serving up a truly spectacular feast in the true spirit of the film with a real surprise for all those attending.

Film Only Ticket - £7.00

Film and Feast Ticket (limited number) - £38.00

Kindly Sponsored by The Criterion Collection